About our drivers and tour guides

You’ve dreamed of going on safari in Africa. You’ve saved for it and now you have finally planned your vacation. Now you anticipate your first game drive to be a success. It all comes down to one person – your tour driver/guide. We view our guides as the keepers of our guests’ dreams. This is why we value them so highly. We invest in them continually. We want to make certain they are the finest in the business.

All our guides are local natives who have grown up surrounded by the wildlife of Kenya’s parks and game reserves. On any given safari, it’s your guide’s responsibility to connect with you just as much as he connects with the sights and sounds of the savannah. His mission is to make the adventure adventurers by being your personal guide and your friend on this once-in-a-lifetime experience. He is trained to bring a life-long passion to younwith enthusiasm, humor and a mission in order to create the perfect safari experience.  He is trained take as much pride in serving your needs at all times during your safari. Here are a five qualities we instill to our drivers and guides during the training sessions.

1) Communication

Since communication is the most important factor on any safari, you want a driver or a tour guide that can first of all understand and speak your language. But, just as importantly, you want your guide who listens to you and quickly learns your likes and dislikes. Do you want a washroom stop? Would you like some bottled water? Perhaps it’s time to take a break to enjoy a beautiful fiesta..

We hire guides that know all the best haunts in their city and can provide insider access that enables you to experience a destination like a local. Indeed, we realize that there is nothing that is more important to your safari experience than being in the company of a knowledgeable, caring and sensitive guide. Of course, you want your guide to be an expert on the wildlife and flora, to read the bush, and know how to find that elusive leopard or pride of lions.

2) Adaptability to sudden change

With local contacts and nuanced destination knowledge, our guides are at your service and can easily modify the day’s schedule if, say, your youngest is on the verge of a tantrum and the next museum needs to be replaced with a visit to the best local ice-cream shop. They can quickly pivot and be your advocate in modifying tours, dinner reservations and transfers, saving you time and stress, especially if you’re traveling with children.

On a safari, we also realize it’s your guide’s job to connect with you just as surely as connecting with the sights and sounds of the savannah. His mission is to make this adventure personal. To be your guide and your personal friend on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

3) Efficiency and safety

Nothing is more frustrating than wasting precious vacation time queuing in the heat or cold. When you book a guide through SP Safari Tours, we can ensure expedited entry to sights. Even when you are already on the ground, Our guides to negotiate for special arrangements if, say, you make a last-minute decision to visit a certain park or city.

4) Educational and engagement skills

Out tour guides are encouraged to take intensive courses in a variety of topics, including history, art, architecture and cuisine, so they are authorities on their destinations. They are also trained in engaging clients of different ages and interests in the same group—catering to adults who want a cultural tour, for instance, while entertaining little ones at the same time with coloring books, treasure hunts or little souvenirs.

5) Acquaintance and Knowledge 

We realize that a great local tour guide can make all the difference in complex destinations on a safari in Africa. Our tour guides are your lifeline. They are frequently with you for your entire trip, not just for a one-off tour, and their in-depth knowledge of the places you are visiting especially for the first time. They can bring a place to life in a unique way.

We sought from a group of extensive pool of tried-trusted and trained guides just to find one perfectly suited to your particular needs, interests and situation.  Every guide is different, and because of our close relationship with our clients, we can make matches that are compatible in personality and style.

6) Standardized Qualifications

We recruit mathematically and technically skilled minded people who have the talent to analyze and derive meaning from data, as well as those who know how to deploy techniques of safari maneuvering. We work with a diverse set of technologies, including deep learning, probabilistic programming, large-scale learning, and causal reasoning. We also seek technicians who’ve got algorithmic ability and skill for tour guiding under all whether elements.

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